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Our Team.


Gunnar Aas

Director - Vocalmotive

Gunnar Aas is the Choir Director at Bemidji High School where he instructs the A Cappella Choir, Bel Canto Choir, and Varsity Singers. In addition to these three curricular ensembles, Mr. Aas teaches Introduction to Theater, Rock and Roll History, and directs the Madrigal Choir as well as the Vocalmotive Show Choir. He is an active member of both MMEA and ACDA Minnesota.

Mr. Aas graduated Cum Laude from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota where he earned his Bachelor of Music degree. During his time at Concordia, Aas studied with Dr. René Clausen and Dr. Michael Culloton. 

Jess Binstock

Assistant Director - Vocalmotive

Vocal Director - Jive

Vocal Director - Pizzazz

Jess Binstock is a graduate of Bemidji State University. During her time there, she was involved in the Bemidji Choir, Chamber Singers and NAfME and had the honor of being Vice President of the Bemidji Choir, Madrigal Dinner manager and president of NAfME. In December 2013, Jess graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in K-12 Vocal/Classroom Music Education.This year, Jess will be teaching at Gene Dillon Elementary in Bemidji, MN. 

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Emily Paine

Director - La Voce Ballo

Emily Paine, Director, is currently a doctoral student at the University of St. Thomas and teaches in the Social Work Department at Bemidji State University.  As a proud BHS alum, Emily was involved in curricular choirs, women's quartet, madrigals, and a member of Vocalmotive. Emily has directed La Voce Ballo since 2009 and has had the privilege of seeing many unique and powerful shows come to life every year! As a member of the Show Choirs of Bemidji board, she enjoys getting to see this program continue to provide quality programming and experiences to students across K-12 in the Bemidji community and beyond. Outside of show choir, Emily enjoys time with her husband and their four daughters


Mackenzie Burnham 

Assistant Director - La Voce Ballo

Choreographer - Jive

MacKenzie Burnham is an alumni of the Bemidji show choir program and has enjoyed being a part of such an uplifting and inspiring group of kids!  MacKenzie started her show choir directing journey with Bemidji Middle School Show Choir, Jive & Pizazz in their season of 2016-17.  Since then, she has continued working with Jive and Pizazz, primarily doing the choreography with her co-directors and building students' foundational skills of show choir.  MacKenzie joined Bemidji High School's junior varsity show choir, La Voce Ballo, as the assistant director in their season of 2017-18 themed "LVB Activated," which truly activated her love for coaching show choir.  

MacKenzie teaches 4th grade in Bemidji and has been able to start a mini-week camp for 4th and 5th graders for students to sing and dance, allowing the kids to get a little exposure to the show choir world!  MacKenzie is very excited for this year's season and for the audience to see all the hard work the students have done!  

Singing Duo

Eric Sundeen

Band Director -Vocalmotive

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Madison Brogren

Band Director - La Voce Ballo

Madison Brogren joined La Voce Ballo in their 2022-2023 season. As an alum of La Voce Ballo and Vocalmotive she is so grateful to be in this position. She loves to be able to share her love and passion for music with the students and getting to know everyone! She is so excited to watch the kids grow further in dance and music and can’t wait to show off the amazing show that has been put together!


Olivia Either

Choreographer - Pizzazz

Olivia is the Choreographer

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